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San Juan


Most Popular Shore Excursions and Cruise Ship Tours

Traveler Reviews
12/1/2004 SAN JUAN   A. Price
Andrea, the trip was wonderful. I cannot say enough positive things about our tour guide. He was right where he was supposed to be, right on time, and was very sensitive to the needs and walking restrictions of my elderly parents. I've booked many shoretrips before, and would always book them as they are far superior to that offered by the cruise lines. This one was no exception. I had sung the praises of shoretrips to my family, with whom I was travelling and I'm happy that you didn't let me down.

Everyone in my party agreed that this was the best tour we had taken on the trip. We saw a very comprehensive look at the city of San Juan and during the riding, Victor provided a lot of information about the economy, people, education, etc. of the island. He was wonderful and we all agreed it was worth every penny of the tour.

I especially recommend a private tour for any family traveling with a group that doesn't fit the cookie cutter mold of the typical tourist from a cruise ship.

We had a wonderful time. I've probably booked a half dozen other tours with your company and would not hesitate to do so again.
  Take this chance to kayak through mangroves and enjoy the beach as well.  Both the novice and experienced kayakers will begin with a bit of instruction and safety lessons before setting out on the river. With a small ratio of guides to kayakers, you will be able to relax as you move along the river's edge for about 40 minutes through the mangroves along the way. Calm waters are the norm, and great views will remind you of why you are traveling in the Caribbean.

The guides are all local and will not only relay the interesting tidbits about the eco-system but tell you local tales. While the sights and sounds of wildlife surround you, your guide will be giving you commentary on the fauna and why it lives in this area. We paddle down river where you will see a large variety of birds through the mangrove channels of the nature reserve.

A treat after your kayak is a little beach time, about an hour actually, at an area protected by a complex set of cays that cover almost a mile. At the beach you will have the opportunity of biking around the shoreline where Indian pottery could be found or just relax at the beach. Then we will paddle back to Villa Pesquera where your transportation will be waiting.
You can figure about 40 minutes of easy kayaking followed by 40 minutes of relaxing with your toes in the sand.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  07:00 AM (5.5 hrs)  07:30 AM (5 hrs)  02:00 PM (4 hrs)  02:30 PM (3.5 hrs)  
  This city has a whole different side to it in the evening - it's magical.  There is a magical feeling to this town in the evening as the lights reflect on the water. Your walk will begin at the water's edge and continue to follow the city wall where the view is spectacular and the past will come alive.

Stories about pirates as well as the origin of many of the colonial buildings will push your imagination. The buildings along the narrow streets will envelope you as you travel through neighborhoods hidden from many.

Scenes from movies you have viewed will come back to life as you recognize the "sets" from those filmed on location here. Imagine walking in the footsteps of Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, Kurt Russell, and Sylvester Stallone.

This special itinerary was created to deliver an entertaining evening in this historical city to you and, when you complete it, you will surely want to visit again.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  06:00 PM (2 hrs)  
  Visit Seven Catholic churches on this escorted 2 hour walking tour.  Like many of these islands, religion played an important part of the development and growth of San Juan. Throughout the city, old and new, you will pass many churches. Of course, some have more significance than others.

Seven catholic churches in the Old San Juan will be included as part of a two-hour walking tour. The knowledge of our guide will not only help you understand the history but also direct you to those sanctuaries where the visiting hours are available.
Some of these are in the restoration process, but our guide will explain the most important aspects in front of those facilities.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:30 AM (2 hrs)  02:30 PM (2 hrs)  
  Try a little jungle love in the one and only tropical rain forest in the U.S.  Now you don't need a large group to get a superb trip to El Yunque. One of our favorite tour operators is now providing this fabulous tour with a minumum of just 2 people.

Out of the metropolitan area, 'on the island' there are a variety of excursions; as it is a small island, it is possible to see forested mountains and desert-like areas without having to travel great distances. El Yunque, or the Caribbean National Forest, is a tropical forest and a bird sanctuary, the largest rain forest in the US forest service system.

The forest is divided into the north side and the south side, with no road connection. Concrete trails to the various peaks, as well as to waterfalls and look-out towers, give excellent views.

After a 45-minute ride, we will visit El Portal Tropical Forest Center to enjoy a documentary about the forests' interesting features. El Portal opened in 1996 and, besides giving you an education, it provides patios where you can relax and enjoy the views. A low-impact hiking trail (Caimitillo) at Palo Colorado Information Center will follow, and you will learn more about the nesting habits of the Puerto Rican Parrot. Also included are short stops at La Coca Falls and Yocahú Observation Tower.

Due to weather conditions, the order of the schedule on all the tours could vary.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:45 AM (5 hrs)  
  This opportunity to glow in the dark is fascinating and fun.  The famous experience of gliding and swimming among the phosphorescent micro-organisms found in the sheltered mangrove bays is an amazing adventure. You will enjoy even the ride as you travel to one of the few areas in the world that boasts of this special effect.

When you arrive, you will get a brief orientation in the use and safety of your kayak. These are comfortable double-seater kayaks and easy to maneuver. You will have a kayak lifejacket as well to build your confidence!

The perfect scenario for this trip is a moonless night. The enclosed mangrove bays in Puerto Rico have narrow canals that limit the exchange of water with the open sea which allows the dinoflagellates to breed and concentrate. As a moonless night may not occur on your evening in San Juan, we are able to tent the mangroves in certain areas, allowing you to enter the water and create the chemical reaction in these microscopic bodies that produce the flash. You will able to take a dip for a truly unforgettable experience.

Everyone will be well taken care of during this adventure, allowing you to enjoy every minute. Refreshments, such as typical cookies and candy, chips, coke and diet coke as well as water, will be served on your return.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  06:20 PM (6 hrs)  
  This wonderful company will show you every inch of san Juan accessible to you.  You will be picked up at your cruise pier or your hotel in a state-of-the-art vehicle with wheelchair lifts. We have designed an itinerary that will allow you to see the city in detail. Where the streets are narrow in the Old San Juan, you will travel past many wonderful architectural sites, such as the Cathedral, Fort San Cristobal, Parque de las Palomas, the Pablo Casals Museum, and some of the lovely plazas where men and boys play games on concrete tables day and night.

You will be able to tour El Morro, which was built in 1591 to defend the entrance to the harbour. Here you will be directed to ramps to allow touring, also available at Fort San Cristobal.

You will have some freetime in San Juan and, if you like, our guide has a wonderful restaurant with local dishes that will welcome you. Cost of food is not included in the tour.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  10:00 AM (2 hrs)  11:00 AM (2 hrs)  12:00 PM (2 hrs)  01:00 PM (2 hrs)  02:00 PM (2 hrs)  03:00 PM (2 hrs)  
  A Cloud Forest, also called a Dwarf Forest, Elfin forest, or Mossy Forest, is found only on high ridges of 2,500 to 3,500 feet. The extreme environmental conditions make this forest type a biological curiosity. The perpetually wet environment (rainfall of 200 inches annually) and temperature averages of 65 degrees, produce this environment characterized by opaque clouds that hang just above the ground.

In this occasion, we start with a challenge trail going up to Mt. Britton Observation Tower for about 45 minutes. A short stop at Palo Colorado Information Center will allow our hikers to refresh and visit the gift shop. A second hiking trail (Big Tree Trail) will lead us to La Mina Falls where you can relax in the cold waters of this beautiful area. A final stop at Yocahú Observation Tower is also included.

Snacks and water are included. This forest type contains a number of plant species that are found no where else.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (5 hrs)  
RIO CAMUY CAVE PARK  Information  
  45 million year old, the Río Camuy Cave Park is the most impressive subterranean river network.  The extensive subterranean cave systems of Rio Camuy Cave Park is reported to be the largest in the western hemisphere. Until the recent completion of the expanded highway leading west to Camuy, the driving distance discouraged many from seeing this remarkable cave system.

Today a drive of approximately one hour and forty-five minutes from San Juan takes you past lush landscape, pineapple farms and jagged eroded limestone cliffs as you near the area of this massive subterranean wonderland.

Your visit to the park begins with a short video as you wait to board the open air trolleys, which twist and turn their way through the road carved out of verdant foliage before reaching the moss- lined entrance to the cave. After this ten minute trolley ride, multilingual cave guides will escort you on foot through the enormous cave, 200 feet high and a half mile long. A large opening at one end of the cave allows light to filter through part of the cave, creating beautiful photographic opportunities. From this opening you will see one of the many sink holes carved out by the Camuy river, the world's third largest underground river. As you walk through the interior of the cave, passing stalagmites and stalactites, you will experience the eerie illusion of timeless steps in the earth's creation. You will be exploring the caves for one hour.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (6 hrs)  
  A private van and driver takes your group to the world's largest radio observatory. The ride to the observatory will take you through the mountains to the small town of Arecibo.

Those who see the Arecibo Radio Telescope for the first time are astounded by the enormity of the reflecting surface, or radio mirror. It is a huge 'dish' 1000 feet in diameter and, with all the aluminum panels and steel cables, it appears to me to look like giant tinkertoys.

The Radio Telescope and the Observatory operates continuously on a 24-hour basis providing observing time, electronics, computer, travel and logistic support to scientists from all over the world.

The Arecibo Observatory is part of the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC), operated by Cornell University under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation (NSF). As the site of world's largest single-dish radio telescope, the Arecibo Observatory attracts visitors of all ages and from many countries.

The educational program centered on the theme "More Than Meets the Eye - Exploring the Invisible Universe", reflects the general idea that we can study our world with tools which extend our direct sensory experience. The program explores the unseen sky and, in particular, the objects that fall under the scrutiny of our radio telescope. Specifically, the program introduces visitors to the electromagnetic spectrum as a means of exploration, offers a framework of basic astronomy and atmospheric science, and provides understanding of the function and operation of the radio telescope. Some of Arecibo's most exciting new discoveries in the fields of radio astronomy, solar system radar astronomy and the earth's atmosphere are presented.

In the auditorium, visitors can experience the scientific research facility of the Observatory as a dynamic organism through a 20 minute audiovisual show funded by the Angel Ramos Foundation entitled "A Day in the Life of the Arecibo Observatory". The show tells the story of the people who make Arecibo possible.

Besides providing a unique setting for Hollywood filmmakers, the Arecibo Observatory has accomplished many things. It has given us detailed maps of the distribution of galaxies in the universe, established the rotating rate of Mercury, confirmed Einstein's theory of general relativity and a Nobel Prize for astronomers Hulse and Taylor for the first pulsar in a binary system, and more.

    Departures (Local Island Time):  10:30 AM (6 hrs)  
  You sail off on a blue sea under a blue sky to an island paradise.  Our catamaran leaves Fajardo at 10:00 AM for a day of sailing, swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing, or just relaxing on deck in the shade.

Snorkeling equipment is provided for your use and excellent instruction is available for those who have never snorkeled before or just need a refresher. The trip to one of the outer islands will take approximately one hour. The boat is equipped with a stairway for easy access to the beach.

After swimming, snorkeling or searching for seashells, you will enjoy a savory buffet lunch under our shade awning. Your lunch is a deli-buffet with fresh local baked bread, vegetables and relish tray, premium cold cuts, tuna salad, fresh beverages, tropical fruits, cookies & more & more.

After lunch, the boat will depart for snorkeling at the reef. Once more the stairway is lowered so you can enjoy the experience of nature at her best - a beautiful underwater paradise. Then it's anchors away for the trip back to the Marina with memories of a great day on the 'Getaway.'
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:30 AM (8 hrs)  
FISHING CHARTER...1/2, 3/4 or FULL DAY DEEP SEA  Information  
  There is nothing like the thrill of deep sea fishing. Our angler may be the best guide on the island.  Climb aboard a Bertram 35 ft. fishing boat fully rigged with Penn reels, custom rods as well as top quality fly fishing and light spinning tackle. These fishing expeditions are taking place off the beautiful coast of Puerto Rico where depths reach over 1000 ft. only 1.5 miles from shore. This boat ihas air conditioning, CD Player, Garmin 215 Furuno color fish finder,Ship-to-Shore Radios is USCG licensed and insured.
Blue Marlin (averaging 1 to 5 strikes per day)
White Marlin (weighing up to 95 lbs.)
Mahi-mahi (weighing from 12 to 25 lbs.)
Wahoo (weighing from 15 to 40 lbs.)
A half day trip includes:
tackle, water, soda, Captain and mate.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:00 AM (4 hrs)  01:00 PM (4 hrs)  
 Unforgettable fishing action will be on-board an 18 ft. Maverick flats fishing boat with a 175 HP engine. The boat is located in Cangrejos Yacht Club in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Pinnacle reels and graphite rods are provided to fish with live bait, cut bait and plugs (everything included). SAGE rods, Tibor reels and a selection of flies are provided for the fly fisherman. All fishing tackle is rigged under I.G.F.A. regulations. With Tarpon available all year long and the best big fish action being from October to May you can expect 5 to 25 strikes a day, catching between 1 and 10 fish all in LESS THAN 4 HOURS of fishing. The average fish weighs 30 lbs. and many fish weigh between 60 lbs. and 120 lbs. The action is excellent with spinning gear rigged with 8 to 20 lb. test tournament line.
USCG Licensed Insured
Trip includes: Tackle, live or cut bait, water, soda, dry storage and captain. Try some light tackle fishing with the island's foremost fishing guide.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  06:00 AM (4 hrs)  01:00 PM (4 hrs)  
  Relax and enjoy a REAL sailing cruise to picturesque nearby tropical islands aboard a 50' sailboat. Experience the beauty of the east coast of Puerto Rico, away from the hustle and bustle of San Juan aboard this luxurious Gulfstar Sailing Ketch. Your captain will keep you entertained with stories and songs as you sail to a lovely nearby deserted island for snorkeling. Top quality snorkeling gear will be provided.

Even if you are an inexperiencd or nervous snorkeler, your captain and crew will put you at ease, snorkeling hand in hand with you, so that everyone on the boat will be able to enjoy the undersea beauty. You will also have use of a kayak and an inflatable dinghy to get around the anchorage as well as trolling poles and casting reels on board for a little fishing action. Your captain might even cook your fish right on board as part of your meal.

Speaking of food, prepare yourself for a fabulous real homecooked sit-down lunch. Included are mouth-watering chicken, fish, ribs or marinated steaks, fresh bread, mixed salad and the side dish of the day. You will love the Pina Coladas, made fresh as well as Captain Bill's tasty salsa, chips, fresh fruit plate and cheese and crackers. You won't want to head back to shore.

By the way, are there wedding bells in your future? This is the perfect venue for an intimate, romantic wedding
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:30 AM (9 hrs)  
   A great 2-Tank dive to the Spanish Virgin Islands.  The Cordillera Reef System consists of a chain of small islands and cays called the Spanish Virgins. They extend out from the northeast coast of Puerto Rico. A custom dive boat carries you out to one of the many dive sites, allowing you to dive, then lunch onboard. A second site is selected, where you can snorkel and swim to the beach after your dive.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  07:00 AM (7 hrs)  08:00 AM (10 hrs)  11:30 AM (8 hrs)  
  The official PADI Discover SCUBA course teaches you right on the boat, not in a pool.  Do you have the urge to submerge? If so, take this great Discover SCUBA course from Puerto Rico's top dive facility.

What makes this course different from the others? Our team takes you right out on the dive boat and gives you instruction on the water. They also give you a full day trip with a wonderful lunch on board and snorkel gear to play with. It is so unusual to find an introductory course that handles you so well. The first one gives you confidence and the second dive gives you a wonderful experience.

Included in this all day package is a transfer from a hotel or pier, lunch and all equipment.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  06:30 AM (7 hrs)  11:30 AM (7 hrs)  
  This is the only dive facility located right in San Juan.  Have you ever been diving among a school of chubs, fenced with a lobster, petted a seahorse or been eye-to-eye with an octopus? Your experienced dive guides will show you all of these critters and more. You can feed fish and swim through tunnels. This reef is a breeding area for many types of marine life, including squid, bat fish, french angels and many more.
This is a guided, one tank beach dive.

You will be asked to email the operator with the equipment needs of each diver. For fins, your shoe size; for everything else, height and weight. Because the dive shop is not at the place you dive, they need to know the exact equipment each diver will be needing. Tanks and weights are included in the base price. Everything else is an extra charge. Mask and fins set ($10), BCD ($10), Regulator rig ($10), Shortie wet suit (Dec.-Mar. ($10), disposable underwater camera (to 45ft) ($20), 35mm Sea & Sea camera with strobe ($40) film is extra. They will collect for the equipment rental at the time of the dive. They accept AMEX and VISA.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:30 AM (1 hrs)  11:00 AM (1 hrs)  02:30 PM (1 hrs)  04:00 PM (1 hrs)  
GOLF BAHIA BEACH  Information  
  Play 18 holes on the challenging and beautiful Bahia Beach Golf course.  Bahia Beach Golf Course

This course is located about 20 miles from the San Juan cruise ship docks. Transportation is not included.

The Blue Course has a par of 72, a length of 6,808 yards, a rating of 74.6, and slope of 131.
The White Course has a par of 72, a length of 6,419 yards, a rating of 71.6, and slope of 124.
The Red Course has a par of 72, a length of 5,648, a rating of 73.4, and slope of 125.

The layout features dramatic views of the nearby El Yunque Rain Forest, 75 acres of freshwater lakes, 13 water holes, and the final three holes run along one of Puerto Ricos most beautiful beaches. The golf holes wind their way around the lakes, jungle and along the beach. Because you seldom see other golfers, you will feel you have the course to yourself.
The package includes green fees for 18 holes and cart usage.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  10:00 AM (4 hrs)  
  Are you one of those people who is looking for something different? Psssssst! We got it!  The Old San Juan Biking Adventure is your best alternative when you want to combine history and recreation. This adventure includes places not visited on a walking tour.

Your meeting point is in front of La Casita (Puerto Rico Tourism Company Information Center) where your tour guide will be waiting for you. This is a very short walk if you are disembarking from a cruiseship and a central location if you are staying on-island. Our technician will explain to you the ins and outs of using your new Cannondale bike.

What will you see on our way? Paseo la Princesa, San Juan Bay, San Juan Gate, Plazuela de la Rogativa, Plaza de Armas, City Hall, San Juan Cathedral, Fuerte San Felipe del Morro (entrance fee included in price), Cuartel de Ballajá, Plaza Colón, cobblestone streets, Luis Muñoz Rivera Park, and Escambrón Beach (one hour at the beach!!!!).

This city has narrow streets and parking is impossible. You will truly find the fun and value of sightseeing this way.

    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:30 AM (4 hrs)  01:45 PM (4 hrs)  02:30 PM (4 hrs)  



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