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Nassau Bahamas

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ALL DAY ISLAND CRUISE ON A LUXURY YACHT Information                                                                
  Experience an amazing day just catered to your needs. Once aboard this yacht, you will be able to catch some sun or if you prefer, relax in the shade of the bimini and listen to a smooth selection of music or just hear the sails in the wind. Coffee and donuts will be served in the morning to get you started.

During this amazing day, you will be able to sail about 3 hours of real "turn-off-the-engine-and-sail" time. During the cruise, you will sail past all of the nearby islands circling Nassau. You will forget every worry in your world.

It happens that you will be anchored in water full of colorful live coral and a multitude of fish with a maximum depth of 12'.

The day includes 2 1/2 hours at a lovely secluded beach on a nearby deserted island. You can spend the time as you please. Beach it - snorkel (equipment is included) - swim - go shelling - or just relax on board your yacht. You won't miss a thing because all the work will be quietly handled and, when ready, the crew will call you for lunch. Expect BBQ chicken and ribs, potato salad, cole slaw and fresh rolls. Unlimited complimentary fruit punch, iced tea, lemonade, and bottled water available throughout the day. You can also indulge in Bahamaian Rum Punch during the sail home. A cash bar is available if you would like another choice.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  10:00 AM (6 hrs)  
  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS EXCURSION, DO NOT DELAY IN BOOKING!!! IT FILLS UP QUICKLY!!!! If you are lucky enough to reserve a swim with the dolphins, you will be separated from those participating in the Encounters and brought to the swim area for a briefing on what to expect during the program. You will then enter the water where you will actually swim and play with the dolphins for 30 minutes with a small group of people. Kissing, hugging, and dancing are all part of the activities you will enjoy with your new pals. You will even be able to feed them.

Non-participants may observe those in their party who are swimming with the dolphins. There is an additional $20.00 per observer for the ferry ride from Paradise Island to Blue Lagoon. This observer fee is payable directly to the ferry and no reservations are necessary.
Since we hold most of our space in the 10:30am and 1:30pm time slots, we suggest that you request these for the best chance of receiving a confirmation.

BOTH OF OUR DOLPHIN PROGRAMS ARE IN GREAT DEMAND. You may be able to book this within 2 months of your request; there are usually some open spots here and there. But, if you truly want this experience, book it now. PLEASE DON'T WAIT.

See restrictions for information about which departure time you should book.

Note that 3 hour trip length includes the ferry ride to and from the Blue Lagoon Island where the dolphin facility is located, but does not include time it takes for the taxi or water taxi ride to the ferry dock. Also note that it is not possible to shorten the length of this trip as the ferry boat back to Paradise Island runs at set times.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:30 AM (3 hrs)  10:30 AM (3 hrs)  01:30 PM (3 hrs)  03:30 PM (3 hrs)  
  Interact with the dolphins in their seawater habitat. Your heart will be racing as they direct you to one of three swim platforms, which you will share with about 25 others waiting for a dolphin kiss. Small groups of ten will enter waist-deep water where you will have the chance to interact with the dolphins, being able to hug and feed them. Photos will be taken of your dolphin kiss and will be available for purchase after your encounter.

Non-participants may observe those in their party who are taking part in a dolphin program. In addition to the $10 per person ground transfer fee (which you purchase from ShoreTrips), there is an additional $20.00 per observer for the ferry ride from Paradise Island to Blue Lagoon. This observer fee is payable directly to the ferry and no reservations are necessary.

For an even closer experience with the dolphins, try our SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS excursion.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:30 AM (3 hrs)  10:30 AM (3 hrs)  01:30 PM (3 hrs)  03:30 PM (3 hrs)  
  A hands on exploration of the Bahamian Carnival for the whole family.Junkanoo is a loud and boisterous national festivity loosely derived from African customs. It takes place in January and in June, and the rest of the year is spent getting ready for it. Although the exact origins are unknown, it is thought to have its roots in slave celebrations on their only days off of the year. To celebrate, they decorated themselves with costumes made of paper.

Today, organizations may take a year to create their costumes, still of paper but much of it specially imported from Europe. Those fabulous costumes are on display at the Junkanoo Museum you will visit.

Your guide, Arlene, is a one-of-a-kind find. She is an incredible talent on her own and her knowledge, not just of Junkanoo and the culture of the Bahamas but of all facets of the island, is unbelievable. She will relate to all ages and will entertain rather than teach. With her, you will visit an authentic junkanoo "shack" in the historic district of Nassau, where she grew up. You will also participate in a Junkanoo workshop where you and your family will be able to create something - a hat or an ornament. Then, using native instruments like goatskin drums, cowbells and conch shells, you'll create Junkanoo music.

A 'must' stop for families and visitors who want to experience the 'true-true' culture of the Bahamas!
    Departures (Local Island Time):  10:00 AM (2 hrs)  02:00 PM (2 hrs)  
  The perfect day in every way - on and in the tropical waters. You will find yourself on a state-of-the-art custom built catamaran. This sailing cat will take you through that indescribable Caribbean blue water to one of Nassau's most beautiful reefs teeming with exotic wildlife. Everyone will have a chance to snorkel these lush reefs and, for you first-timers, the crew knows just how to instruct you so this experience will be forever memorable.

The catamarans themselves have spacious decks, cushioned seating, and private bathrooms. Room to spread out or an opportunity to make new friends - both are options on this trip.

On your return, you can enjoy a rum punch, bottled water, or soft drink.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (3.5 hrs)  01:00 PM (3.5 hrs)  
  This yacht, on pristine waters, in a private cove - that's luxury! The captain of this beautiful yacht once handled all the snorkeling trips for several cruiselines. He decided awhile back that he wanted to enjoy as well as deliver enjoyment, aboard his 51' luxurious yacht. Once aboard, you will be able to catch some sun or if you prefer, relax in the shade of the bimini and listen to a smooth selection of music or just hear the sails in the wind.

The total sail time will be about 1 1/2 hours in lovely winds. This will leave you to participate in a generous snorkel approximately 1 1/4 long. We will take you to a private little cove hardly affected by the winds or other intruders. Your snorkel gear and expert instruction to those novices is included.

Unlimited complimentary fruit punch, iced tea, lemonade, and bottled water will be provided throughout your sail. After snorkeling, you will be served light snacks - cheese and cracker trays - and some rum punch.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (3.5 hrs)  01:00 PM (3.5 hrs)  
  A personally escorted tour and taste of an exclusive hotel. It's a short uphill walk from the cruise pier or a short taxi ride. But whichever way you choose to arrive at Graycliff, upon your entrance to the grounds, you will be greeted and taken on a tour of the property. That tour includes a visit to the Wine Cellar, the largest in the Caribbean, where you will view the 175,000 bottles personally collected by Paolo Garzaroli, an expert sommelier and son of the owner.

Lunch will be served in one of the lovely dining rooms and will be accompanied by a delicious punch or glass of wine, although not from the vintage worth $5000.00 per bottle!

A visit to the small tobacco factory attached to the hotel will be the crowning glory to the day. The 14 torcedores rolling these perfect cigars were selected by Avelino Lara, the man who was the artiface of the Cohibas in Cuba. Today, Lara is happily retired and has opened his own little tobacco factory next to the hotel. Cigars will be available for purchase and legally brought into the U.S. but you will also be able to relax in their smoking lounge or the new outdoor patio with a cigar included in your tour
    Departures (Local Island Time):  11:00 AM (3 hrs)  
  Explore the Undersea with dry hair!  This half-day experience begins with a transfer to the reef on the yacht "Pied Piper". As you travel, you will hear a brief description of how the helmet works and what you will see and do. You will see the feeding of the corals, the breathing of the sponges, and Harry the Grouper will perform his tricks. You will only be in water 15 feet deep, but even certified scuba divers will enjoy this novel experience. Barry loved it.

Christopher, who is a professional photographer as well, will snap your photo with Harry and make it available for purchase after your trip. Photo complimentary for children 12 and under

As only six can submerge at a time, the balance of the group will do a little sunbathing on board, and enjoy a soda or a hot chocolate in the winter months.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:30 AM (3.5 hrs)  01:30 PM (3.5 hrs)  
  Visit the famous marching flamingos and the zoo. You will see just about everything there is to see on this tour of Ardastra Gardens. It is home to nearly 300 mammals, birds, and reptiles, many of them endangered species of the Bahamas and the Caribbean. As you make your way along the meandering limestone path, you will pass those flamingos, I promise, all standing on one leg. Three times a day, at 10:30am, 2:10pm and 4:10pm, the birds march in formation at the command of a drill sergeant. There are 50,000 of them ready to perform. The tour includes the Romantic Gardens as well.
Children will love a chance to experience wild animals in a safe environment. I did see a child playing with a snake!
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:30 AM (2 hrs)  01:00 PM (2 hrs)  03:00 PM (2 hrs)  
  Journey with us as we take a brief peek back in time from the late 1600's onward. Almost the entire history of Nassau centers around its magnificent harbour. The story, therefore, should be told from the decks of this two-decker ship. Time begins here in 1648 at the arrival of the first English settlers but it becomes more interesting as the Spanish and French arrive.

This tour was designed with an enormous amount of love. It is suitable and interesting for any age group because Inez has narrated it complete with sound effects. You can hear those cannons booming as you pass the sights. She has amazing old photographs that will capture the imagination of everyone.

Journey with us as we take a brief peek back in time to the late 1600's when pirates and colonialist roamed the unspoiled beauty of Nassau and its family islands. Cruise the historic Harbour of Nassau and nearby cays while points of interest are identified and the rich and colorful history of Nassau's past is narrated.

Just settle on board, put your feet up, and enjoy the breeze as you head through the harbour
    Departures (Local Island Time):  12:00 PM (2 hrs)  
  See the beautiful and secluded side of Nassau by bike with a great guide. Upon meeting this lovely guide, you will realize that you made a great decision.
There is not a moment where you won't be entertained during this half-day tour.
While en route to the location of the bikes, you will learn a bit about the daily life in the Bahamas.

Your trek departs from the southern portion of the island at Coral Harbour. After a briefing of safety and comfort issues, you will begin a guided ride through shady woodland trails, open pine forest, the seashore and mangrove creeks. This part of the island is marshy, with large lakes and dense scrub forest. You will eventually arrive at the quiet village of Adelaide, whose lifestyle revolves around fishing. This is a very nice addition to your rural ride.

All in all, a satisfying and reward adventure for every level of biker
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:45 AM (4.5 hrs)  01:15 PM (4.5 hrs)  
  A half-day confection for all ages; play, relax, sunbathe with the stingrays.  This experience is perfect for both hotel and cruise guests, from young to old. The lovely beach allows you to enter slowly and, as it is shallow, you will always be able to stand and retain your balance. That is wonderful for children, as the action of the stingrays at first can surprise you as they slither quietly by and children can sit on the sand and watch until comfortable.

These are happy animals and you will have some snorkel gear which may allow you to see their smiles, as their mouths and nostrils are on the bottom side of their bodies. While you are within the enclosed area of the beach, your gear is included in the cost.

You can visit the area where the babies are kept and also watch the trainers feed the stingrays en masse.

When the stingrays have finally exhausted you, you can enjoy the public beach area on the island. There is a grill if you are thirsty or hungry and lounge chairs are available for your use.

If you would like to rent either a float mat for $15 or snorkel gear after your stingray experience for $10, you may do so once you are on the island
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (3.5 hrs)  10:15 AM (3.5 hrs)  10:20 AM (3 hrs)  12:15 PM (3 hrs)  01:00 PM (3.5 hrs)  
  What a way to spend your day! Snorkel, Snorkel, Snorkel!   Snorkeling is one of the most relaxing and easiest activities to share with the whole family. This is an unusual snorkel because the whole tour is spent with professional guides who will take you to several sites. This is a primary activity and is not diluted with scuba divers or alcoholic beverages interfering with the true activity.

Each trip takes advantage of the multiple and diverse underwater sites. Two of the sites selected for the day will offer the clearest and calmest of locations. The third, if you are daring, will bring you close to the Caribbean reef sharks. You can snorkel with a guide as the sharks swim calmly below you, or if you prefer, watch from the boat.

Unlike most of our trips, this one may have lots of dedicated snorkelers together. But you will love the location and you will truly enjoy the reefs around you.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  12:00 PM (5 hrs)  
  Snorkel and Lunch on a beach Voted #1 of the World's Top Beaches. This beautiful catamaran is in tip top shape and very comfortable. It looks just like the holiday it is going to take you on. You can sit in shade or sun; either way you will have beautiful views of the Nassau harbor and the gorgeous water you will be able to enjoy.

Your trip includes the cruise over to beautiful Victoria Beach, Rose Island. Enjoy a wonderful Bahamian lunch of Bahamian fried chicken, BBQ ribs, peas'n'rice, pasta salad, fresh fruit in season, and a glass of white wine or fruit punch.

You will have the use of all snorkeling equipment with some instructions and the use of all watertoys: floats, paddleboats, kayaks, etc. Relax in our hammocks, use the lounge chairs and umbrellas. A practice basketball court, and game room are at your disposal or you can take part in our fun organized games on the beach, like volleyball
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:30 AM (6.5 hrs)  
FISHING CHARTER...HALF DAY Information      
  Your choice of fishing: Deep Sea; Light Tackle or Shark.  Get out and do some serious fishing on this 35-foot Allman sport-fisher. Deep Sea, bottom, light tackle, and shark fishing - it's your charter so it's your choice.

Equipped with a small cabin, head and covered deck... with a full collection of Penn International rods and reels. Bait, tackle and ice are provided onboard.

Catch and release ... or have your trophy mounted and sent home. Either way, you'll have a blast fishing in the world famous waters around Nassau
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:30 AM (4 hrs)  01:00 PM (4 hrs)  
  Relax while the crew does the sailing for you on this beautiful sailing cat. This vessel is a sleek 57' sailing catamaran that will carry you at a high speed driven by the tradewinds and the sails themselves. The point of this trip is to relax, put your feet up after a crazy morning or a late arrival into Nassau, and just "feel the wind".
Sail to world famous Rose Island where you can swim and snorkel at your leisure or relax on the beach. Cool off with refreshing tropical drinks.

Two beverages, a Rum Punch and a soda are included in the cost, as is ShoreTrips service fee.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:45 AM (4.5 hrs)  12:45 PM (4.5 hrs)  
  Relax while the crew does the sailing for you on this beautiful sailing cat. This vessel is a sleek 57' sailing catamaran that will carry you at a high speed driven by the tradewinds and the sails themselves. The point of this trip is to relax, put your feet up after a crazy morning or a late arrival into Nassau, and just "feel the wind".
Sail to world famous Rose Island where you can swim and snorkel at your leisure or relax on the beach. Cool off with refreshing tropical drinks.

A Rum Punch and a soda are included in the cost, as is ShoreTrips service fee.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:45 AM (4.5 hrs)  12:45 PM (4.5 hrs)  
  A wonderful way to spend a relaxing Sunday with your family. This vessel is a sleek 57' sailing catamaran that will carry you at a high speed driven by the tradewinds and the sails themselves. The point of this trip is to relax, put your feet up after a crazy morning or a late arrival into Nassau, and just "feel the wind".

Sail to world famous Rose Island, relax on the beach, explore the island or snorkel it's gorgeous coral reefs. Enjoy a delicious lunch of BBQ ribs and chicken with salads, Bahamian peas n'rice and fruits. A wonderful fun experience for families and couples
    Departures (Local Island Time):  10:00 AM (5 hrs)  
  'One of the best days of my career' says New York Times travel writer! Nigel and his wife are the pioneers of long-range island excursions. In their very professional way, they have arranged for a super tour which begins with an eye-opening experience of power boating taken to its limits. The 55-minute ride brings you to Allan's Cay. After your "iguana greeting" you can stroll around and feed these descendants of the dinosaur. This is the only place that the rare Bahamian iguana resides.

On to the private island for the balance of your day. You have so many choices on how to spend it but enough time to do everything. Perhaps a guided nature walk, which will allow you to see ospreys, egrets, hummingbirds, and the local wild boar. You will also be introduced to a little bush medicine.

And then, if you are game, you can watch the Captain and the crew feed the sharks. You can be safely snapping shots just a few feet away on a cottage deck.

Lunch is about ready now; the scent of BBQ fish has reminded you that it is time to eat. Lunch includes an open bar, salads, fruits, breads, and more.

And don't forget to snorkel after you take a nap on the beach. These particular reefs are protected by the Bahamas National Trust and they are pretty isolated. That means that colorful fish are in abundance and you will be able to see things that you never saw before.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (9 hrs)  
  See the bottom - on your bottom!  One benefit to this tour is the opportunity to sightsee as you are transferred by boat to the semi-submarine. Panoramic views of Nassau and Paradise Island will provide "Kodak" moments as you cruise aboard a catamaran up the waterway that divides the two famous sections of New Providence Island. The semi-sub is located at the Sea Gardens Marine Park and, when you board it, you will be able to sit comfortably in the air-conditioned hull of the boat and view more than five feet under water.

Four eco-systems are represented here and each will be explained by knowledgeable guides. You will view the delicate rhythm of reef life and its amazing and intricate coral formations that are teeming with exotic tropical fish and sea life.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  11:30 AM (2 hrs)  
  This is so cool. We've never seen these anywhere else!  First of all, you and your fellow pilots will receive a submarine orientation. You will learn how to drive this machine--just simple operating and communication procedures. You'll even try one out on land to familiarize yourself with the easy to use controls.

After that, you will board a 55' support vessel that will take you to a beautiful reef, one of two stops you will make. The custom-built motorboat will lower your SUB into the water. All you need to do is pop your head into the large clear bubble helmet and sit down and - you're off!

The battery-powered scooter travels at about 2 knots and will hover between 20 and 25 feet, tethered to a float on the surface and controlled entirely by you. Sealife will surround you. You will have 45 minutes actual "driving" time in your personal sub.

While 1/2 of your group is riding their personal subs, the other half will have the opportunity to snorkel (snorkel gear included in the price).

The total boat trip lasts approximately 3 hours.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:00 AM (6 hrs)  12:00 PM (6 hrs)  
  A great dive, offering both a wall and a wreck.  This is a thrilling diving experience among the stunning natural coral walls and the Hollywood underwater movie settings. This location offers a wide variety of underwater encounters including colorful shallow reefs and sunken shipwrecks.

Your first dive is along a beautiful wall that begins at 35' and drops off dramatically to 6000' into the Tongue-of-the-Ocean.

Your second dive will be a beautiful shallow reef or a shipwreck. Famous for it's shipwrecks that include the Tears of Allah, which was sunk for a James Bond movie and the Willaurie shipwreck, Nassau's waters are never boring.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  12:00 PM (5 hrs)  
SCUBA...2-TANK SHARK DIVE!!! Information      
  Whoa! You CAN swim with the sharks!  There is no thrill quite like your first face-to-face encounter with one of man's greatest fascinations. Your first shark encounter will be along a wall overgrown with hard corals and gigantic purple tube sponges. Large grouper appear while sharks begin to circle.

On the second dive, the feeding begins! Caribbean reef sharks swirl around the bait box while the divemaster feeds from a pole spear. Of course, this dive experience will be filmed and photographed for a lifetime of memories - as if you could ever forget this!
    Departures (Local Island Time):  12:00 PM (6 hrs)  
  Find out how great it is to swim with the fishes. This Discover Scuba involves a lesson in the swimming pool with one of our instructors. Once you have successfully completed the skills in the pool, you are taken out on the dive boat for a shallow reef or wreck dive with the instructor.

As all of our dive shops are, these people are pros. They are dedicated divers but they haven't forgotten what it was like to learn how.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  12:00 PM (6 hrs)  
  This dive scooter will REALLY move you through the water!  This unusual opportunity is for certified divers only. It is a motorized scooter that can propel you to several sites in one dive.

You will first receive instruction in using this piece of equipment at a shallow site. After the lesson, you will travel to the tongue of the ocean where you will feel like you are flying underwater along the Wall. Using the scooters, you will pass soft corals, sponges, and beautiful underwater gardens.

The boat will drop off the group at the beginning of the dive and pick everyone up at the end of the dive.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  12:00 PM (6 hrs)  
  Play the spectacular new course at Cable Beach.  Come enjoy one of the finest championship courses in the Caribbean!

The newly redesigned golf course plays 6,453 yards and features spacious fairways guarded by a beautiful network of lakes. The greens are protected by a series of multiple mounds to create containment to assist the golfer who occasionally strikes a stray shot. Additionally, the course features a minimum of sand bunkers making it a challenging but "resort friendly" course for golfers of all skill levels.

We offer two tee times. If you book one of those choices, we will notify you if there is a slight change of times available. If your schedule requires a special tee time, just let us know.

Your cost includes green fees and your cart.
Powerbuilt clubs are available for rent upon your arrival for $30.00.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:45 AM (5 hrs)  01:00 PM (5 hrs)  
  This short but sweet tour takes you around the city and into the Ardastra Gardens. This lovely little tour will familiarize you with Nassau proper as you take the ride through downtown, past the Parliament Square and the Queen's Staircase, a major landmark here. The National Public Museum, the Royal Victoria Hotel, the relocated Straw Market will all be part of the tour before you stop at Nassau's famous Ardastra Gardens.

Here you can roam over the 5 acres of nature filled with exotic fruit trees, coconut palms, ackee and mango trees, brilliantly coloured bougainvillea and hibiscus blossoms of every hue. Most of all, we will make sure you arrive in time to watch a special show of the marching flamingoes, referred to by some as the 'ballerinas in pink'.

Three times a day, the flock of flamingoes marches to the commands of a friendly drill sergeant, bobbing this way, turning that, dutifully obeying the marching instructions. It is a sight to be seen and remembered.

We will take you back to Prince George Wharf where you can get back on your ship or backtrack through some of the lovely shops you passed during the tour.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (2.5 hrs)  12:30 PM (2.5 hrs)  02:30 PM (2.5 hrs)  
  This complete view of Nassau and its highlights will show you why Nassau is a favorite.  Your tour will begin at the point of your pickup as the spot itself has historic significance. Among the sights you will see here are Rawson Square, House of Assembly and the Senate. Onto the Government House, home of the Governor-General, with the statue of Christopher Columbus at the top of George Street.

You will pass the site of Fort Nassau, which is now the Hilton British Colonial Hotel as you travel along the coastline and the famous Cable Beach first stopping at Fort Charlotte. This fort was built by Lord Dunmore in 1787 and here you will be able to tour the facility, including the dungeons.

Your travel continues through the lovely residential area called Skyline Drive and passed the many hotels lining Cable Beach. You will take a drive through the native section of Nassau and then visit Fort Fincastle and Queen's Castle, where those interested can walk down the famous 66 steps. We will pick you up at the bottom!

Those who choose to will have the opportunity to visit Ardastra Gardens. This beautiful 6-acre botanical garden and zoo has displayed indigenous flora and fauna and allows you to feed the parrots. We will deliver you to the Ardastra Gardens in time to participate in the feeding and also to witness the famous Marching Flamingoes, who are trained to move at the sound of a whistle.

On your return, you will travel east just a bit to see Fort Montagu and Montagu Beach. You may be dropped off at Atlantis on Paradise Island, and your return will be on your own, or you will be returned to the cruise ship pier.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (3 hrs)  01:00 PM (3 hrs)  
  Your once in a lifetime opportunity to ride in an authentic offshore race boat.  Your once in a lifetime opportunity to ride in an authentic offshore race boat, a high-speed powerboat custom-designed to carry passengers and crew in complete safety and comfort. Experience a thrilling ride around Paradise Island, Cable Beach or the islands surrounding Nassau. Great for the whole family!

Guests not only enjoy the excitement of a high-speed ride, but they are able to view the beautiful Bahamian Out Islands, the Nassau Cruise Ship Harbor, and many Historical points of interest.

Our captains and crew are very knowledgeable and informative about Nassau, Paradise Island, and the Bahamas.

    Departures (Local Island Time):  02:00 PM (1 hrs)  03:00 PM (1 hrs)  
  A three hour, private tour of Paradise Island and Nassau in a lift equipped van.  We'll start the tour with a ship-side pickup and then a drive over to Altantis on Paradise Island, where you'll be able to see the underwater aquarium tunnel and the famous casino. Close-by is the beautiful gardens of the Ocean Club resort, where we'll stop for a light refreshment. The tour will continue back to the main island with a drive throughout downtown to Parliament Square to see some of the historical and government buildings and to the Queen's Staircase. You will also travel to several of the highlights found at the edge of the city limits, including one or two of the old forts used to defend this island.

Our final stop will be at the famous Nassau straw market.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  10:00 AM (3 hrs)  12:30 PM (3 hrs)  



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