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Freeport Bahamas

Most Popular Freeport Shore Excursions and Things To Do.....
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  A lush trail through this 40-acre park shows you both beauty and diversity. Top-notch bike equipment is provided for you as well as a safety briefing before you set out on a stress-free ride through a variety of highlights.
Among the scenes that your guide will direct you to will be the Garden of the Groves, a location known for cascading waterfalls, botanical gardens, scenic trails, a petting zoo with animals and tropical birds to feed.

You will cycle along the shoreline of Grand Bahama while learning about the history of the island, stopping along the way for photos. Colorful neighborhoods are part of your route, along with a view of the dolphins playing in Sanctuary Bay.

You've earned a delicious seafood lunch at a quaint restaurant along a lovely seaside spot.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:30 AM (5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $94.00 USD (Minimum age is 14.)  
  Peterson Cay did not earn the knickname of a 'family island' without good reason.  This tour is uncomplicated and very straightforward. The best kayaking paired with splendid snorkeling but the secret is its special component, your guides. They deliver a comfort level that makes you feel like you have been kayaking everyday for the past six months. Instruction and safety basics are delivered right away, as you get familiar with your wide, two-man kayak.

Your paddle is only about 30 minutes and once you reach the tiny Peterson Cay National Park, you will see why it's a favorite stop. White sand covers the beach and wonderful snorkeling is found just yards offshore. This is a perfect place to experience your first snorkel. Your snorkel trip is guided as well as the kayak portion and lessons will also be provided as well as your gear.

You find yourself a little tired from all this activity, lunch will be provided on the beach.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:30 AM (5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $83.00 USD Child: $48.00 USD (Under age 12)  
  This popular activity is made better here with a company that aims to deliver fun.  Wonderful wide sit-upon kayaks will take you on this fully guided tour of a lush area of Grand Bahama Island. Before you begin, you will receive a safety briefing as well as instruction to give you confidence, although this tour is for every age and every level. The reason to participate in this tour is not to compete but to enjoy a special experience that is not available anywhere else.
There is nothing to fear in these waters and you will kayak along the coastline of mangroves easily for about 90 minutes. The level of paddling is considered light to moderate as you work along an inland creek trail.

Your reward is a lovely, shaded beach where you will have some lunch and some free time to swim or comb the beach for souvenir shells. Your guide will take you to visit the caves and provide a nature walk along the way.

It's a lovely way to spend the day.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:30 AM (6 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $83.00 USD Child: $48.00 USD (Under age 12)  
  Your guide is the only member of the first dive team still diving this unbelievable cavern.  This one-tank dive will take you to a cavern that a fellow named Ben Rose discovered at 30 years of age. At the time, your guide was 18 years old and he is the only member of the original group still diving this cavern.

You will travel to the location 50' deep where you will enter the water. From here, you will be guided to the cavern opening and be able to penetrate 150 feet into this site. You will be swimming around and through huge stalactites but this cavern is so large that you will not feel claustrophobic.

This dive is available only to certified divers.
It will be an adventure of a lifetime!
    Departures (Local Island Time):  10:00 AM (4.5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $167.00 USD 
  Both land and sea are beautiful sites at this wonderful dive shop.  The waters are wonderful here and this premier dive shop will take you on an adventure. Their two tank dive is exceptional. The owners, both divers, brag about their clear water and unbelievable walls. You may request a particular location, like Theo's Wreck, Nick's Falls, Lost Paradise, Mama Rose Wreck and of course Snapper Alley. But if you are unfamiliar, let them make the choice for you.

Your dive includes fins, masks, tanks, and weights.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:00 AM (3.5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $78.00 USD 
  From the novice to the pro, everyone will enjoy this snorkel, located in a lovely part of Freeport.  This is just the type of trip we search for. You will not be bombarded with taped music and lots of boisterous drinking. This catamaran delivers a lovely sail and a snorkel entertaining to both the pros as well as newcomers.

Naturally the assortment of colorful tropical fish and coral reefs are in abundance. The ease of reaching them is a plus here and the crew will help you with instructions and do their professional best to show you the best of underwater life.

Your tour includes snorkel gear, instruction, and lemonade!
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:30 AM (3 hrs)  01:30 PM (3 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $46.00 USD 
  This is the perfect place to learn a wonderful hobby.  This island is the perfect place to learn to SCUBA dive. With its clear waters and exceptional walls, Freeport will take you into another world, the one underwater. You will not only learn from the best but see on your first dive the incredible future you can enjoy as you travel the world.

You will begin your instruction in a classroom setting and then work with your equipment in a pool. There will never be more than 6 people in this group, allowing you personal attention and the chance to have all your questions answered.

You will take a one-tank dive to the depth of approximately 30 to 40 feet.
All the equipment you will need will be included.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  12:00 PM (3.5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $139.00 USD 

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