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Curacao City Tour

Most Popular Curacao Shore Excursions and Things To Do.....
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Traveler Reviews

  CURACAO -  K. Herling
The dive was a hit! My clients felt the guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. They had a great time and now are going to become certified before their next cruise. They could not say enough good things about this trip. My clients are glad to have booked with you.


  Jewish families have lived on Curacao since 1651. This tour takes you into an amazing past. Your Jewish tour takes you into an amazing past. The first Jew who set foot on the island was Samuel Cohen, an interpreter, pilot, and guide to Johan van Walbeeck, the Dutch naval commander who took Curacao from the Spanish in 1634. In 1651, a group of 12 families arrived under the guidance of Joao d'Yllan and settled in the "Jewish Quarter".

Your tour will include this area, which is now in the center of the oil refinery because the famous Beth Haim cemetery is still there. You will also travel to a Jewish countryhouse and the Maduro Library before moving into the residential area for the present Jews on the island and you can explore an Ashkenaz synagogue. Another section of the city will offer an array of 17th century baroque Dutch architecture, homes once occupied by prominent Jewish families. The highlight of this tour is the most beautiful Mikve Israel Synagogue, built in 1732. This Synagogue and its ancient ritual objects bear witness to the long and peaceful history of the Jewish people in Curacao. Your tour will also include the Jewish Historical Museum with its exquisite ceremonial silver, many of it in the typical filigree style. The last stop will be the already mentioned Beth Haim cemetery, the oldest Sephardic cemetery of the Western hemisphere. The inscriptions on the marble tombstones are of historical importance; they offer information about the countries and towns that the Jews from Curacao traded with. You'll hear about the Tauro family that emigrated from Curacao to North America with a group in 1693. (The famous Tauro Synagogue at Newport, Rhode Island was named after one of them). This is an exceptional tour. It just took one of these stops to give me goosebumps!
Departures (Local Island Time):
  09:00 AM (3.5 hrs)  01:00 PM (3.5 hrs) 
  Pricing:  Charter: $295.00 USD (Pays for up to the first 4 passengers.)  Additional: $72.00 USD (Per person after the minimum of 4.)  
CURACAO The Mandel Family - 12/23/2003
What a treat to have Liesbeth all to ourselves for 3 hours. This charmingly brilliant woman really knew the history of not only the Jews, but the entire island. She filled us with stories, that even my children were captivated. We loved the synagogue so much that we returned to experience a Shabbat. Shoretrips, thank you! You are organized and thorough.
  You get to see a lot of the island on this well known tour. Bring your camera.  Your guide will take you to Sorsaka, the old slave camp; the Middle signalpost, for an unforgettable panorama; the Chobolobo liquor distillery; San Pedro, the natural spring; the Boca Tabla cave; flamingos at Jan KoK; and a photo stop at Knip Bay.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:30 AM (7.5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $54.00 USD 
  Our wild and crazy guide will take you into the Caves of Curacao... and more.  You will be expertly guided to some of the most spectacular caves on Curacao - the caves of Shigot, San Antonio and Jechi.
The early afternoon is spent on the beach at Knip Bay. A lunch stop is provided, cost of lunch not included.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:30 AM (4.5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $54.00 USD 
  Include this in your Curacao day and see the best of the waters with time to explore island charm. If you are on a cruise, take yourself to the dining room today for a real breakfast while everyone else rushes off the ship. Whether you're on a cruise or at a hotel, you should be ready for pickup around 9:15am to 9:30am. This tour will follow the hint and provide a relaxing day along the coastline of Curacao.

Your captain or members of his crew will pick you up and transfer you to this beautiful boat. Capable of handling 50 guests, you will usually find only 20 to 25 people in total on board.

After boarding, you'll set sail to sea after a tour on the Spanish water through the lagoon, passing beautiful Barbara Beach. After a comfortable sail, you will arrive at the first snorkel stop, called the tugboat wreck. You will usually find that you are the only boat there.

While you snorkel, feed the fish and have fun trying the rope-swing, your crew members will be putting the finishing touches on an excellent BBQ-buffet & salad-bar. Lunch is served at about 12.30pm. Afterwards, you'll head to a second snorkel site at a
shallow reef just 'around the corner'. At around 2:00pm, it's time to lift the anchor and gently cruise back to Brakkeput Ariba, enjoying tropical fruits along the way. You'll be back at the dock at 2:30pm, allowing you time to browse for souveniers.

Your sail will include two snorkel stops at some of the gorgeous reefs surrounding the island. Snorkel gear is on board for your convenience.

You will also delight in a BBQ lunch and an open bar. There are a few surprises on board this schooner but you will have see them to believe them
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:15 AM (6 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $66.00 USD Charter: $1,414.00 USD (Charter for up to 16 people.)  
  A day on the beach - with ALL THE TOYS ! You will love this day on the beach at the Hilton Hotel. You'll receive 1/2 hour on a Jet ski, plus your choice of kayak (1 hour) or Pedal boat (1 hour). Plus your choice of snorkel equipment (all day)or a float (all day).

Your family can share the components of this trip. Just purchase one funpak and your family can join you on the jet ski, paddle boat and kayak and share the use of the snorkel equipment.

Everyone, even the person purchasing the funpak, is required to pay the beach admission upon arrival at the hotel. Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for children age 2-14.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  10:00 AM (6 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $93.00 USD (Beach admission not included ($10 adult, $5 child))  
  You'll visit Curacao's best dive sites, with Curacao's most experienced dive team. Your Dive Master will decide on where you'll dive. Here are some of Curacao's famous dive sites:

Playa Largu (2 minute boat ride)
Drop off starts at 30 ft and slopes down to 60 ft.

Blauw Baai (Blue Bay) (7 minute boat ride)
Slope to 60 ft with a more vertical drop off beyond 60 ft.

Boca St. Michiel (15 minute boat ride)
Drop off at 30 ft, slope to 110 ft

Off the Road (15 minutes from the hotel)
Gradual drop off to 60ft where about 150 car wrecks were dumped years ago, to create an artificial reef.

Port Marie (50 minute boat ride)
Average depth of 80ft with canyon formations and coral islands with a distance of 20ft between them.

Bullen Baai (Bullen Bay) (25 minute boat ride)
A vertical drop off. Reef starts at 40ft and drops to about 140ft. It has valley-like coral formations, including some small caves.

The water temperature is about 80º and water visibility 100ft.
Curacao offers the best diving year round.

This is a two tank dive trip with all necessary equipment included in the price.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $104.00 USD 
  Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth - a GREAT EXPERIENCE for kids. 8 to 11 years of age. This shore course will get your child ready for SCUBA by having them gain confidence in the use of SCUBA type equipment. They stay on the surface, held up by special air-inflated vests (BC vests), while they breathe through a supplied air system.
It's a lot of fun... and they'll learn something.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (2 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Child: $39.00 USD (5 to 8 years)  
  Your first SCUBA diving experience... This will be a memorable day !  A unique way of getting your first diving experience.
After viewing a video presentation, you will be taken to the swimming pool to become familiar with the various equipment. Only after you are comfortable with the mask and fins, the B.C. vest, and the tank and regulator are you guided out on your very first underwater dive.

Within a couple of hours you'll be diving in the facinating underwater world off the shore of Curacao.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (4 hrs)  02:00 PM (4 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $61.00 USD 
  Real SCUBA, taught by real pros, just for kids... Did you know that Scuba diving can be experienced by people of ages 8 and up? The PADI Bubblemaker program now allows kids to put Scuba equipment on and jump into our pool with one of our highly trained and professional instructors.
Each participant will need to have a parent or guardian complete and sign a Discover Scuba waiver and Medical History.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (2 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Child: $45.00 USD (8 to 11 years)  
  Just like DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING... but with 2 dives. A unique way of getting your first diving experience.
After viewing a video presentation, you will be taken to the swimming pool to become familiar with the various equipment. Only after you are comfortable with the mask and fins, the B.C. vest, the tank and regulator are you guided out on your very first underwater dive.
Within a couple of hours you'll be diving in the facinating underwater world off the shore of Curacao.
A second afternoon dive is included
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $121.00 USD 
  Everything you need for a hole in one at the Blue Bay Golf Resort.  Curacao has a new course as of Winter 2000. It is also the only course. So play 18 holes with the knowledge that it is unlikely that any of your friends have tried this course.

Established: December 1999
Par: 18 holes = 72
Yardage: 6,735 yards
Practice Facility: driving range & putting green

Hole 5
Hole number five will take its place among the spectacular par three holes, reminiscent of the seventh at Pebble Beach or the sixteenth at Cypress Point; this may be a better hole!

Par: 3
Pro: 220 yrds
Men: 175 yrds
Women: 145 yrds
Women: 120 yrds

Hole 9
The ninth hole is quite a memorable par four playing 400+ yards around the lagoon, the second shot over water. Precision is required to stop the ball on the proper level between the water and the gaping bunkers.

Par: 4
Pro: 430 yrds
Men: 415 yrds
Women: 350 yrds
Women: 340 yrds

Hole 10
Hole ten goes outbound the lagoon around a lake. A reachable par five but very puntive if missed with the second shot... A lay up and short wedge is probably prudent for most.

Par: 5
Pro: 515 yrds
Men: 500 yrds
Women: 455 yrds
Women: 415 yrds

Hole 18
Think of the eighteenth of Pebble Beach as a par four. This would approximate Blue Bay's Finisher. Over four hundred yards of pounding surf on the left to a nearly postage stamp green hanging over the sea. Definitely not a hole for the faint hearted!

Par: 4
Pro: 470 yrds
Men: 420 yrds
Women: 355 yrds
Women: 290 yrds
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:30 AM (6 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $158.00 USD 
  This captain is SERIOUS about fishing.  This is a 32 ft fishing boat, fully rigged with HF, GPS, Fishfinder, 2 livewells, 2 fighting chairs, outriggers and Penn International 2-speed reels. Especially designed for the serious fisherman and insured with the best captains and mates.

Fish for: Dolphin, Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo, Barracuda, and snapper.

Trips include: bait, tackle, sandwiches, softdrinks and beer.

    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:30 AM (5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Charter: $380.00 USD (For up to 6 people)  Additional: $69.00 USD (Per person, for 7th and 8th after charter purchase)  
  The countryside, or kunuku, is full of fascinating island scenes.  You will get a sense of the stunning city of Willemsted as you begin your tour. This city has been divided into two wonderful parts, the Punda and the Otrobanda. Your direction will take you to the South High Elevation Seinpost, where you will get a beautiful overview of the southern portion, a hilly countryside, of the island.

From here, you will travel through residential areas as you travel north. At the "waist" of Curacao, which is the narrowest part of the island, you will turn towards the west to make a photo stop at an old Kunuku hut. Here you will learn how the homes of the countryside were made, using natural materials produced by the soil.

A short distance away is the famous cave at Boka Tabla. It is an impressive spot and part of the Shete Boka National Park. Here you will see how gorgeous grottos have been carved from the land by the strength of the waves. Boka TAbla is the largest of them all. You will have a chance to see and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks beneath a limestone overhang.

On to WEstpoint, the ultimate western point pf Curacao where the prodominating features include black sand and fishermen hauling in their nets. As you begin your return along the southern coastline, you will see the beautiful sandy beaches and the salt flats of Jan Kok. You may catch a glimpse of some flamingoes looking for shrimp as you go by.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:30 AM (4 hrs)  01:00 PM (4 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $38.00 USD (Group of 15 required)  Child: $25.00 USD 
  Willemstad was one of our favorite cities in the Caribbean with incredible points of interest. Willemstad is divided into two parts because of the Santa Ana Bay. The Punda is on one side and is full of shops, restaurants, monuments, and markets. The Otrabanda, which means "other side", is less touristy but no less interesting. It is more residential but holds much of the history of the island in its public buildings.

You will begin your tour on the other side, where you will visit the Curacao Museum, housed in an 1853 plantation house in the Otrabanda. It is filled with artifacts, paintings, and antiques that will help you understand this rich culture. It also holdsthe first plane that ever crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the Western Hemisphere.

There are 3 ways to get to the other side of the city, the Punda. You can walk over the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge. You can take the free ferry when the bridge is swung open or you can travel over the Juliana Bridge, which is a must-do. It is magnificent both as you approach and while you cross and will give you the best view of the city. It is this last method that you will use to cross to the other side.

During your sightseeing of the Punda, you will see both commerce and residential areas. Particularly interesting are the old buildings that have given Curacao a place on the World Heritage List.

You will have a chance to visit the Curacao Liqueur Factory and taste this blue liquid named for the island. You will also take a drive through Rooi Catootje, a plantation house situated in one of Curaçao's busiest residential areas. The mansion dates from about 1820. Since 1853, the house has been the property of the Maduro family, who are still living on the island. The Maduro family built a successful business in the shipping industry and you will see their name in many places while touring this island
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (2.5 hrs)  01:30 PM (2.5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $30.00 USD (Requires a minimum of 15 people.)  Child: $21.00 USD (Children under 12)  

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