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            Swim With Dolphins       Sightseeing & Shopping Tours Cancun City   Snorkeling in Xel Ha  

Most Popular Cancun Shore Excursions and Things To Do.....
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SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS AT ISLA MUJERES FROM CANCUN-THE ROYAL SWIM                                                                               

On this tour you will:
Touch the dolphins
Kiss the dolphins
Do a dorsal tow with the dolphins
Do a foot push with 2 dolphins
Enjoy an international buffet and bar in our Dolphin VIP Lounge

Imagine the thrill of playing with the dolphins! Action and speed make this program the most popular, as it really lets you interact with these friendly marine mammals. The program begins with a briefing about the dolphins and an explanation of the activities you will experience.

From your submerged platform in the water, you will be able to interact with the dolphins, including the very popular dolphin kiss photo.

Then you will enter the water (life jackets required) for a speedy ride through the water for the dorsal tow as you hold on to their fins. Next is the highlight of your time with the dolphins--the foot push. Feel all their strength as they push you up and through the water by the bottom of your feet. Truly the experience of a lifetime!

Each session is one hour, with 30 minutes of swim time. Group size is limited to 10 people to ensure that you have a very personal experience.

Our professional photographers will capture these magical moments for you. Photo prices vary based on the package you purchase.

Following this awesome adventure, you'll enjoy personalized service in our air-conditioned Dolphin VIP Lounge. Here, you can relax in the infinity pool, sip a premium drink from a selected liquor collection, and partake in an exquisite international buffet featuring shrimp, salmon, pasta, salads, and more.


If someone in your party would like to observe the dolphin program, reservations are not necessary. The only cost to them is for the ferry ride, payable at the time of the ride.

08:30 AM (1.00 hrs) Ferry check in time. Approximate total time - including program & ferry time.
10:30 AM (1.00 hrs) Ferry check in time. Approximate total time - including program & ferry time.
 Per Person  $168.00 USD  (Ages 13 & over)Children  $100.00 USD  (Ages 6-12)
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  Have fun while driving your ATV into Mexico's past and explore the land and its secrets. You, as a solo driver or with your passenger, will receive simple instructions before you head out safari-style into the wilds of the Yucatan. Midway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen is a perfect area for exploration. Your guide will be able to point out the native flora found in the jungle that you will visit first. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled for the native animals that roam here, the spider monkeys, deer, and beautiful tropical birds like parrots and toucans.

Then, put your foot to the pedal and hit the beach. A 'fast' run along the water's edge ends with a refreshing swim before heading back. Your tour isn't quite over, though, because this tour operator figures you've worked up an appetite and he's ready with some delicious Mexican snacks served with beer and soft drinks.

The finale is the best - a challenge of donkey polo - but you'll have to book this tour to find out about that!
    Departures (Local Island Time):  07:30 AM (5.5 hrs)  01:00 PM (5.5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $81.00 USD (ATV for one person)  Other: $64.00 USD (Shared ATV. Priced per person.)  
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   See the world famous Mayan ruins and swim in the crystal clear Blue Cenote. The tour begins from Cancun and includes a Continental breakfast on your van. You will pass through a beautiful colonial town called Valladolid (buy-a-doe-LEED). There you will drive past the first church built in America as well as the direct descendants of the Mayans. 

Continuing on to Chichen Itza, you will disembark and be taken by your guide on a one-hour tour of this enormous area of ruins. You will have explanations of the importance of the history of this area as you tour the pyramids and temples. Following this, you will be able to do some exploring on your own (photos, climb the pyramid, etc.) before moving on for a short ride to a lovely restaurant for lunch (the price of lunch is included in the trip, but not the price of drinks or a tip). You will visit a Mayan village and have the opportunity to do some shopping. On your return ride, you will enjoy the beauty and serenity of the largest cenote (well) in the Yucatan. It's waters remain crystal clear and you will have time to swim there. The cenotes are another natural feature for which Mexico is famous.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  07:30 AM (11 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $89.00 USD (Children 4 and under are free.)  Child: $66.00 USD (Ages 5-12)  
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  Experience history, culture and physical adventure all in one memorable day. Your journey backwards in time will begin at your hotel. Your tour will take you into an era that began 1500 years ago when the Mayan culture began to grow around Coba ("Ruffled Waters") as it was surrounded by five lakes. Of course, your guide will begin the day by sharing his knowledge of the area's history as you travel for 1 1/2 hours to these incredible ruins. Coba is an archeological site hidden deep inside the rain forest on the south-eastern side of the Yucatan.

It is easy to feel the power of the Mayans as you explore the massive remains of the once-intimidating structures. The Nohoch Mul temple and the Iglesia, a nine-tiered pyramid, are weathered and covered with vegetation and yet they are imposing. You will have time to climb up the pyramid and you will then be above tree level, able to view the land surrounding this city and feel the cool breezes.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  07:15 AM (11 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $112.00 USD Child: $75.00 USD (Ages 5-12)  Other: $12.00 USD (Ages 4 and under are free)  
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  Enjoy an exciting equestrian escapade , exploring exotic scenery, both jungle and sea. You will ride in style to the stable in an air conditioned vehicle. The size of this ranch will floor you - it is HUGE! The horses are gorgeous and you can tell they are loved.

The neat thing about horseback riding in the Yucatan are the interesting opportunities available to you. You will explore, with your guide, the jungle, caves, water springs, Mayan ruins, exotic plants.

You will be able to take your horse along the beach and into the water, if you wish.

After two hours on your horse, you and your horse will enjoy a break with a delicious snack, a couple of beers or soda (the horse gets an apple) and then a try at the popular game of donkey polo.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  07:30 AM (5.5 hrs)  10:00 AM (5.5 hrs)  12:30 PM (5.5 hrs)  03:30 PM (5.5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $86.00 USD Child: $75.00 USD (Ages 6-12)  
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  Combine the Mayan ruins of Tulum with the fun and relaxation of Xel-Ha. You will be picked up at your hotel in an air conditioned bus for your trip to Tulum and Xel Ha. En route, your guide will tell you the history of the ruins and their importance to the Mayan culture. After a guided tour of the archeological site, you will have time to explore the pyramids and temples on your own (total time at Tulum is 1 hr 45 min). Upon leaving Tulum, you will take a short drive to Xel-Ha, the world's largest natural aquarium. Relax on the white sand beach, swim in the bluest of waters or enjoy unbelievable snorkeling in the parks 22 acres of lagoons, coves and inlets. There are restaurants (lunch is not included in the price of the trip), lockers, umbrellas, and snorkel gear available for rent.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:10 AM (7 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $87.00 USD Child: $64.00 USD 
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  Discover this intriguing recreational and educational Eco-park. X-caret park is perhaps the first of its kind anywhere. It is a theme park, and yet the theme is ecology and archeology. You will be able to climb the pyramids and explore over a dozen structures that are scattered throughout the area.

Experience floating and snorkeling through the crystal clear water of the underground river. At the start, you will receive a life jacket and you will float for 20 to 30 minutes through this underground cavern which begins at a sacred cenote.

You will discover the multitude of tropical fish at the caleta (a small bay) where beginners will feel comfortable learning and viewing the prolific life underwater.

An immense butterfly enclosure offers exhibits which explain the life and varieties of the enormous amount of butterflies indigenous to the area.

You may also visit:
The world of insects; a free flight aviary; a turtle pond; a bat cave; beehives; a botanical garden; a coral reef aquarium; Jaguar island; and an orchid farm. Get the idea?

Or just sit on the beautiful beach and soak up the sun.

Horseback riding, SCUBA, SNUBA and Swimming with the Dolphins are extra-cost options.

You are free to stay as long as you like... our buses will return you to the ship or to your hotel throughout the afternoon and evening.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  09:00 AM (8 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $104.00 USD (Children under 5 are free.)  Child: $59.00 USD (Ages 5-12)  
  A private tour of the famous ruins for your group of a minimum of 11 people or more. Your ride to Tulum is 1 1/2 hours of pleasure as you drive along in your air conditioned vehicle.

Your English speaking guide will tell you the history of the ruins and their importance to the Mayan culture. After your guided tour of the archeological site, you will have time to explore the pyramids and temples on your own (total time at Tulum is 2 hours). We will also make a stop at the Mexican Handicraft Shop near Tulum... or at the Plaza la Fiesta in Cancun for a Tequila tasting.

Your guide recommends lunch at Tankah beach, for good food and lovely views. (Cost of lunch is not included in price of tour.)
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:30 AM (6.5 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $67.00 USD (Based on a minimum of 11 people)  
  A PRIVATE GROUP TOUR. Shop where the locals shop and discover great bargains. This is an interesting tour to the popular local shopping areas of Cancun. We drive along Kabah Avenue in order to sightsee the residential areas such as Manzana 32 and 30. We'll visit Market 28 for one hour of shopping. Our trip then continues along the Yaxchilan and Tulum Avenues, the two main avenues in Downtown Cancun. Other stops will be at the Plaza La Fiesta and the Plaza La Isla... spending one hour in each. We'll finish the tour at El Mirador for a short photo opportunity. The view of Cancun from here is wonderful.
    Departures (Local Island Time):  08:00 AM (4 hrs)  09:00 AM (4 hrs)  01:00 PM (4 hrs)  
    Pricing:  Per Person: $42.00 USD (Based on a minimum of 8 paying passengers)  
Product Name Duration Starting From
Caribbean Carnival Tour 5 hours Starting from USD $65 per person
Click here for more information. This evening tour is all about fun fun fun! Take a magnificent double-deck boat from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, an island located 8 miles across the bay. On board, have fun and simply enjoy yourself with an animated, party atmosphere. Once on the island, partake in a glorious buffet dinner, open bar, and tropical show. This evening in paradise awaits you.
Click here for more information and Booking Details
Chichen ItzaTour 11 hours Starting from USD $72 per person
Click here for more information. Visit this famous Mayan archeological site which has mystified people for hundreds of years. Today the combination of Maya and Toltec architecture is clearly evident, although only the lifeless stones know all the secrets. See El Castillo and the surrounding buildings, including the well or cenote from which Chichen Itza takes its name. The more energetic can enjoy the opportunity to climb the pyramid. If you're more sedate, try bargaining with the locals for some of the handicraft items on sale - it's a great way to experience the culture!
Click here for more information and Booking Details
Cancun Airport to Hotel Transfer Varied Starting from USD $24 per person
Click here for more information. When you reach Cancun, you can rely on Olympus Tours to pick you up on time and safely transport you to your destination in comfort! So instead of wasting time waiting in line for cabs or spending a fortune on transportation, plan ahead and book your Airport Transfers online now!
Click here for more information and Booking Details
Snorkel Isla Mujeres 7 1/2 hours Starting from USD $55 per person
Click here for more information. Cruise across beautiful turquoise Caribbean waters to snorkel off one of the gorgeous island beaches. You can find that perfect place just to sit on a sun drenched beach. Enjoy diving, bike riding, or simply lying back and working on a suntan! Time too to have a wander around the laid-back town center and shop for some souvenirs. All in all, a fabulous way to spend a lazy day in the Caribbean.
Click here for more information and Booking Details
Tulum and Xel-Ha Tour & Snorkel 10 hours Starting from USD $82 per person
Click here for more information. Come and see Tulum - the famous 'Walled City'. This mystical city, mounted on the edge of a cliff and now abandoned, towers above the deep turquoise of the Caribbean and a beautiful white sandy beach. Enjoy the historical ruins before making your way to Xel-Ha, a beautiful natural aquarium, home to numerous varieties of colorful tropical fish. Learn to snorkel and observe the fish up close, or simply sit on the beach and soak up the sun! Another perfect day in Mexico!
Click here for more information and Booking Details

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MAP & HOTELS - Map for Cancun and the Mayan Riviera!


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